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BTF Iodophor Sanitizer
BTF Iodophor Sanitizer
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BTF Iodophor Sanitizer

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Homebrewers know that proper sanitation techniques are critical for creating high quality homemade beverages. BTF Iodophor, an iodine based sanitizer, is a powerful, broad spectrum antimicrobial product that kills a wide range of bugs that are waiting to infect your fermentation. Unlike acid based sanitizers, BTF Iodophor reliably kills yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses and blood borne pathogens.

BTF Iodophor offers a low cost per use, is gentler on your hands than other sanitizers, and is very low foaming. If used in the correct dilution (very important) it is a no-rinse sanitizer. It is safe to use on all your brewing equipment such as buckets, kegs, tanks, fermenters, bottles, etc. Even if you frequently use a sanitizer, it’s a good idea to have multiple sanitizers on hand especially when working with wild yeasts and bacteria or as a “change of pace” sanitizer.



  • (4 ounces) BTF Iodophor Sanitizer


Brewing Note

To Make 1.5 Gallons of sanitizer: Mix 1 tsp BTF Iodophor into 1.5 gallons cool water. Allow solution to contact surface for 2 minutes, then air dry.

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