Bottling Questions

When do I bottle my beer?

After 7 days the beer in your fermenter should have stopped fermenting and should have started to clear. It’s now time to bottle! If you’re not sure, draw a small amount from the tap; if it tastes like flat beer, it’s ready to bottle.

Why did my bottles explode?

If a beer(s) bottled before fermentation is complete, or if a beer is bottle-conditioned, that means there's fermentation happening in the bottle, and the resulting carbon dioxide can build up enough to break glass.

How many bottles will I need for a 2 gallon batch of beer?

You will need 22 12-oz. bottles, or enough to hold about 270 fl. ounces. Remember: these bottles need to have previously held carbonated beverages. Empty soda bottles work great.

Can I use water bottles to bottle my beer?

No! The bottles need to have previously held carbonated beverages. Empty soda bottles work great; just make sure you keep the caps. Glass beer bottles using a pop-cap also work, though these bottles will require metal caps and a bottle capper.

How do I know when my beer is ready for the fridge?

When the beer has cleared and is carbonated. An easy way to test is by squeezing each bottle, if they're firm to the touch (like a new 2-liter bottle of soda) they’re ready for the fridge! However, you can improve the flavor by bottle conditioning. This can be done a couple ways:

Warm conditioning: Keep your bottles in a dark, dry location away from sunlight and maintain a temperature between 50°- 70° F for several weeks to a month.

Cold conditioning: Place your bottles in the refrigerator for several weeks to a month.

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