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Advanced Airlock Upgrade
Advanced Airlock Upgrade
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Advanced Airlock Upgrade

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Designed for our 2 Gallon Systems.


No need to guess when fermentation has stopped.This professional grade 3-piece airlock is easy to clean and virtually silent. It will show the difference between the inside air pressure and the outside air pressure (a great way to gauge fermenting activity), and it can also prevent “suck back” (a term used for when liquid in the airlock is sucked into the fermenter due to temperature changes). Not to mention watching the bubbles is a great way to pass the time while you’re waiting for your beer to complete fermentation.



  • 3-Piece Airlock
  • #3 Rubber Stopper
  • Airtight Gasket for Fermenter Lid (3 gallon fermenter only)


Brewing Note

The lid gasket was designed to work with our Little Demon 3-Gal Conical Fermenter (2 GALLON BREWING SYSTEMS). Sanitize everything (inside and out) before using.

AIRLOCK INSTRUCTIONS 1. Sanitize The Airlock Sanitize everything (inside and out) before using. 2. Adding The Airlock After you have made your beer and added the yeast. Tighten down the lid, then add the airlock. 3. Filling The Airlock After the airlock is firmly in place, add water to the fill line(s). Sanitized water or alcohol (like vodka) is preferred. (F.Y.I. if need be, refilling it with regular tap water should be fine). 4. Removing The Airlock Remove the airlock (and/or loosen your lid) BEFORE opening your tap for any reason. Completely remove the airlock before bottling your beer. WARNING: ALWAYS REMOVE THE AIRLOCK WHEN OPENING TAP, OTHERWISE LIQUID FROM THE AIRLOCK WILL WIND-UP IN YOUR BEER.

Makes 2 gallons of wicked-good beer in just 14 days!


When you take professional pride in the beer you brew, you want to be using the Signature Beer Kit. This kit has all you’ll ever need to be part of the Craft Beer Revolution and create beer with flavor and character.

You’ll be brewing one of our most popular Signature Series recipes. It’s 100% all malt beer, full bodied and flavorful with a rich golden color and a balanced hop presence. You’ll enjoy swilling this beer. Beer is not for sitting and sipping. That’s tea. (A different Revolution.)

Speaking of Revolution, that best describes the world’s first (patented) small batch conical fermenter which is included with this kit. It allows you to brew batch after batch and always with great results. It’s designed that way. You get plenty of other brewing equipment with this kit; all you’ll ever need.

The Signature Beer Kit comes with a full set of logoed PET bottles, caps and a professional bottle filler system. When you’re a pro you need professional equipment and a professional looking finished product. That’s why this kit’s for you.

Anybody asks, let people know; this is the gift for the pro.


Kit Includes

(1) Conical Fermenter

(1) Fermenter Base

(1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly

(1) Airlock, lid gasket, #2 drilled rubber stopper (our bubbler upgrade)

(1) Stick-on Temperature Gauge

(1) Top selling Signature Series Recipe (4.6% ABV)

(2) Packets of Dry Brewing Yeast

(1) Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser

(8) Plastic Amber 1 Liter Bottles & Reusable Caps

(8) Custom Bottle Labels

(1) Bottle Filler & Hose

(1) 18" Heat Tolerant Plastic Mixing Spoon

(1) Easy to Follow Brewing Instructions.


Brewing Note

Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer.

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